My 7th period got a sub fired today*Plus questions*

Last week, on friday, we had a Sub for 7-8th period Language. His name was Mr. Irby and he was a dick head. He degraded us and made us feel like we were dirt on his shoes. He told my friend Jordan that he would fight him after schooll and that he's been in lots of fights. Apparently, he can kill a man with 3 fingers. He told us that school doesn't matter and could walk out of the class.

Well, that's what we did. We had him again today and he acted the same way he did last friday even after Mr. Mies(prinical) talked to him about how he can't teach like that. So, our regular English teacher gives us time study for a tested 10 or 15 minutes before the test and Mr. Irby told us that we would take the test at 12:15. It was 12:12 when he told us. Our normal teacher even told him to give him to study. Anway, Manuel was like "Do we get time to study?" and Mr. Irby was like "I told your the time didn't I genius!" Mr. Irby later claimed that genius is a complaint. Sure it is if your not using it with an attitude. He practically called Maunel a dumbass. Anyway, after that incident, like, 3/4(including me) left the class. We went outside and sat at some picnic tables at our school. After awhile we decided to go to the office and tell Mr. Mies. When we got there, he told us to go to the detention room and write about what happened. After we wrote about 7th period, the bell for break rang and we walked back to the class. We had to wait outside with the rest of the class because Mr. Mies was talking to Mr. Irby. We waited for like, 10 minutes and finally Mr. Irby stormed out of the classroom to his car and drove away. We spent the entire 8th period playing Silent Library.

All in all, we felt like we did a good thing because he was such a bad teacher.

I think has been my longest jounral ever

Have you ever had a bad sub or teacher?
How was your day?
Who is your hero?
What is your favorite color?
When does school start for you?
February 27th, 2010 at 01:56am