Yeah, I love you but sometimes you get on my nerves.

My mom.
Yeah, I love her and whatnot.
And I know she cares about me, but I wish she'd let up some you know?

Like, for example, we moved into a new house, about a month ago.
And we know most of the neighbors now.

But my mom wants me to sleep with my door open.
Okay, so for the first few nights, I didn't care, you know?
I understood that my mom wanted to be able to hear me if something did happen, she'd be able to hear me.

But, now, it's been a month and she still wants me to keep my door open.
And, it irks me because after my mom has put my little siblings to bed, she'll call her boyfriend and her friends and they'll come over.
And like I said, I don't mind it, but when you're getting piss drunk stupid with your boyfriend and five friends, I would really like to shut my door to block out the slurring and stupidity.

And, in our house, my room is right next to the living room and that's where they usually hang out.
So damn! They're keeping me up until 2 am, when I have to get right back up at 5:30!!

And when I tell her this, she gets mad and tells me that I need to shut my mouth and know what's good for me.

I'm tired of talking, it's getting to where we are at each other's throats every other day.

Help please?
March 12th, 2010 at 12:49am