How was your day?

I want to know about the good things that happened today or the bad. I'll go first.

I slept all through my 1 and 2 period math class, which was awesome. When 5Th period came(Physical Education...seriously? How is running and doing push ups education?), I had to work out and run. Then after school, I had practice until 6 and now I'm really sore. This girl on my city league team(I play school and city by the way) named Giselle is making me really mad. She never pays any attention while playing and she's so spastic. You'll see her at 3rd base jumping up and down. When she throws the ball it goes way over your head. Then she has the nerve to say "Catch it next time". She thinks she's the best player on the team when in reality, she's one of the worst.

Your turn(:

March 18th, 2010 at 04:52am