how do I tell someone that their jersey doesn't fit them?*questions for you(:*

So, a friend of mine is on the softball team with me and she's a little bigger than me. When we got jerseys there was a medium and an extra large. She picks the medium. How do I tell her that it's too small for her? I really don't want to sound mean and telling her that her jersey is too small sounds kinda mean. You'd think they'd know it doesn't fit. And she wears all her clothes like that.

If a shirt doesn't go over you're stomach, it doesn't fit.

Does this annoy you?
Do you tell people how it is, or do you lie?
Ever had a cold sore in your mouth?(that sounds like a sexual disease)
Do you like the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack?
What is the most foreign accent you've ever heard?
March 19th, 2010 at 01:25am