Not yesterday but the day before, my friend had the name she would have called the baby she had to abort for her own life's sake written on her wrist. (Not asking for debate. Mentioning.) That name has just been spinning in circles in my head. It's not a name I would have picked, it's not a name I even particularly like. But, just, I don't know. She'd never mentioned the baby since she, y'know, went in for the procedure and all. I think I feel stupid for having assumed that she was okay.

On a lighter note, you can so tell my little brother is going to grow up to be a stoner. I can't wait. Honestly. It's going to be great when he can always get me weed, and will always be around to roll me joints or pack me a cone. I'm so going to buy him his first bong.

Mum's gone out on the piss tonight. She said if I don't tell Gregg that she'll be smoking menthols she'll give me the rest of the packet. She better fucking leave me a few now, or I'll be sad. She bought twenty, and even though she is a chimney when she's drunk, I'm hoping she'll leave me like... five? I don't even like menthols lmao. Last time she promised me some she ended up giving them to her mate instead, cheeky woman lmao. I'm so tired but I won't be properly happy now until she gets back.

The other day I descended into chavdom. I smoked a fag in the girls' loos at lunchtime. No teachers bother coming in and shouting anymore, and I was so upset all day and it was raining outside so I couldn't go out. And my aforementioned friend in school was handing out fags. Awh.

I keep saying I don't smoke anymore and I blatantly do. But far less than I used to. I used to be on like ten a day, but now I'm on like, ten a week, if that. I remember I used to be a proper chimney all day and then I'd get pissed and I'd be like "ER. get that minging stench away from me." Them were the days I never ever had a lighter so I had to smoke when it was convenient for everyone else, which was like, every fifteen minutes. Lol. I miss them days.

Right, shutting up now. I'm too tired.
Lots of love,
Auntie Muriel. xxxxxx
March 26th, 2010 at 11:15pm