My favorites

All original fiction.


Aurora* | huntress, werewolves, magic
Crash* | sequoia, crazy, change
Daisies* | water, flowers, strangeness
Envy Lies | sisters, ghost, jealousy
How To Make A Human | new girl, hey arnold references, shane
Letters to my Stomach | pregnancies, cynicism, laughs
Pearl of the Stars | magic, fantasy, witches
Shades of Grey | colombia, america, dreams
Soliloquy* | mysteries, faeries, victorian
Stray | suicide, stalker, ambition
Sunshiner* | childhood friends, summers, pranks
The Day You Fell Apart* | drama, sadness, confusion
We Were Birds* | life, love, death
Whispers and Wishes | inheritance, hidden door, families
Winter Wakes* | ghost, fraternity, mystery
Wretched | family, witches, betrayal
* completed

Short Stories:
A Drop In The Bucket
A Hidden World of Sunken Beauty
A Wish for Your Buck Teeth
Baking and Band-Aids
Drowning In Love
Hair as Long as a Horse's Tail
King of Wings
Narrow Stairs
Raindrop Stories
The Secrets of Emerald City
Tides of the Broken
To Fill the Silence
Tripping on Apples
What Indie Kids Do On The Bus

My winners
Numbers Contest:
Death's Four | The awesome 1st placer
42 | The fluffy 2nd placer
Mine | The sweet 3rd placer

Nursery Rhyme Contest:
From the Cradle to the Grave | The disturbing 1st placer
Inside Me Your Secrets Hide | The beautiful 2nd placer

Some will be added/deleted depending on the direction of my tastes.
April 2nd, 2010 at 09:30am