How to gain Independence?

So, I'm in my teens. I'm an honor student, and I am in the school band. I'm on the soccer team and I stay out of trouble. I don't get in school suspention, or out of school, or even detention. Not even lunch detention. My main focus is my friends and school work. But when I deside to try to stick out from the crowd and be who I want to be, besides the honor student girl, my parents crash down on it.

They don't allow me to wear certain shirts of bands because they don't like them. They don't let me go to the mall because they don't like my friends. They don't let me see my best friend, Jen because she's a lette. The difference between her and my other friends? The hatchet man neckless around her neck. That's the difference.

I don't get the independence I want because they shelter me insanely. I don't want to be sheltered anymore, so I asked to go to the battle of the bands at the local theathre. My boyfriend's best friend is in the band, along with my friend's boyfriend who is in the band.
That's their link. My boyfriend bought me a ticket, and I really want to go. But my parents won't let me because of one thing. They don't know the music and don't like letting me get dropped off anywhere. I'm a teenager! I can handle myself! Don't they trust me?

How do I gain the freedom I long for? I can't stay like this, I hate this prison.
April 10th, 2010 at 09:11pm