Journal Spam

Well I thought if I was going to do this then it might as well be format appropriate.

So, what exactly constitutes journal spam?
Chain Letters? (a clue: yes)
Surveys? (a clue: no)
Posting 'this is spam' repeatedly in journal comments? (a clue: yes!)*

According to Druscilla, "I was fairly certain I heard somewhere that surveys and things of that nature that a person fills out doesn't actually constitute as journal spam, but something similar to a chain letter would" and Druscilla is normally right so you can take her word for it.

If in doubt, however, you should not leave twenty comments telling a journal author that their journal is spam. One is enough, and that's it. What you should do is report spam to a mod or an admin (complete list here) and let us take care of it. This is not only because repeatedly posting 'this is spam' is considered spam in itself, and I don't want to see any of you get banned from the journals for something like that. It's also because what you're doing could be considered intimidating or harassment. It's just not needed.

(Edit: basically, everything in this thread is good advice and needs to be followed.)

*The 'a clue: yes/no' thing isn't just me being a smartarse, by the way. A clue: no is the catchphrase of Keith Allan's Sherrif of Nottingham on the now-defunct BBC version of Robin Hood. I loved that show. I was having proper fangirl squee sessions over it the other day. I can't wait until I get to go home and have a big DVD marathon, oh yes. I reccommend it to anyone with an interest in low-budget yet hilarious British TV shows with ultra camp villains.
April 22nd, 2010 at 12:29pm