Facebook! Questions!

I don't know if my school is the only school, but we're having a facebook epidemic!

A lot of the kids in my grade and above have just recently had this facebook outburst! No one liked facebook at first; it seemed useless, and pointless. Then once a few kids get one, everyone gets one. It's funny how everyone follows the crowd. I won't tell you I haven't gotten a facebook, I have. It was the only way to talk to my friend, so I made one. But in all honesty, I don't see why it's so amazing to everyone. I don't get why everyone seems to be obsessed with it. I'm not sure if it's because it's so easy or if it's because it seems like every other kid is making one.

I still really like myspace, way more than facebook. In my opinion, myspace is a lot faster and has more creativity with it's page design and everything. It also lets us post bulletins and upload pictures faster. I like facebook, but I don't see why every ones so obsessed or why they find it to be the most amazing site! I'd much rather be on myspace or mibba, more than facebook. But, honestly, I'd rather be having fun with friends than even being home to go on-line!

SO, answer these for me:
1.) Which is better, myspace or facebook?

2.) Do you agree that facebook is just an overwhelming addiction across the world that excuses lazy teens and obesity?
June 15th, 2010 at 12:04am