For the Last Time, Promise: Original Fiction vs Fanfiction [Why do I try?]

I know I haven't seen anything like this a million times over here in the journal section. Really, it's astounding how I have never read a single rant about fanfictions.

On to the real topic here: original fiction vs fanfiction.

But first, I feel that a few things need to be explained before I delve into the world of heated debate. And here they are in sequence:

1. Fanfiction is not only about bands/musicians/singers.
- It can also include television shows, movies, books, poems, athletes, real royalty, actors, and the like.

2. Fanfiction is not only about OC girl meets band boy of dreams on tour, have the sex, and get married, or OC learns father is band boy, or band boy adopts OC.
- It can also be about the relationship between two real people (as observed and/or imagined by the author), or it can be about the relationship between two already existing characters (as observed and/or imagined by the author). It can also include an Original Character of the male or female gender who may or may not have the sex with the boy and/or end up with them in the end.

3. Fanfiction can be as cliche as Original Fiction.
- There are things in the world of writing called Mary Sues and Gary Stus. These are the ultimate cliche characters that can turn up in any genre as result of unoriginality, not so great writing, or hilarity. Mary Sue and Gary Stu are not restricted to any genre.

4. Original Fiction is not the epitome of an author's talent.
- This one speaks for itself.

5. Your opinion is NOT FACT.
- Which means my opinion is NOT FACT.

Now that those few things are out of the way, may we discuss? I've done this once, or many times, before. I told myself I wouldn't get back into it, yet here I am. I'm smack dab in the middle of an endless debate. Congratulations! I've been pitted against my own wishes.

I feel I need to say something; a thing that was, or maybe not so clear in my list up there. My point, as where I stand on this issue, the issue of original fiction versus fanfiction. That one big, ginormous, gargantuan issue that has been seen users over. World over even.

My point: Any person is entitled to their own opinion on this matter. As I said, your opinion is not fact, at least not to others. To you maybe, but that's a singular form. It does not matter what form a person writes in that speaks volumes of their talent, but the talent used to write in the chosen form. Fanfiction, original fiction, there are no honest talent requirements to write either. Know this.

An original fiction story can be as cliche as any fanfiction. I've heard the assumption that fanfiction writers write their fanfiction to gain readers, which in some cases, is true. But it can also be said that with such a dire, desperate need that is seen among young writers/readers for something "original", original fiction can be written just for the hay. It does happen.

At last, we can not forget those who are desperate enough to steal original fiction and claim it as their own. So here I pose a question to those hardxcore original fiction writers: would it be any better that an "author" steals original fiction and posts it instead of stealing fanfiction and posting it?

And in the case of original fiction: what is original? Is that not the same question of "what is normal"?

I've written both forms for years. I've recently distanced myself from fanfiction, merely because I wanted to work a little harder on my own creations. I still have a soft spot for fanfiction, yes, but I don't moan about the abundance of badly written originals I see. No, you know why? It's because everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
June 16th, 2010 at 09:11am