I've been noticing pointless things again.

When you go into someone's profile, or your own, it'll say in the url:

xxxxx, of course, being a number. (and not a ridiculously hardcore pornographic movie.)

It's made me realise the correlation between the number, and when you signed up to be a member.

I mean, I realised it a loooong time ago, but i'm only really bringing it up now.

If you look at a new user's profile, you'll see that their url number has six digits... mine has three. I've been a member of Mibba since GeekStinkBreath (Green Day's unofficial fansite, not terribly much unlike mibba) decided that the server was too small and to relocate their stories.

Then Dujo, wonderful Dujo, and his army of devoted professionals, created this Mibba that we know and love.

I signed up the same night.

Therefore, my Mibba number is 990.
June 27th, 2010 at 11:00pm