Music; Vacation; Questions

Everyone listens to music, for the most part at least. We all listen to it for different reasons: to connect, relate, uncover, the mood, etc. I listen to it to relate to it; to know I am not alone. And lately I haven't found really any songs that I could relate to. I need a song that gets what it's like to feel alone, sad, or to miss someone (an ex) who left. I guess it sounds kind of weird, but I want comments.

What!? Did you say Comments?!
Oh my, I think I did!

I want YOU to comment this journal and tell me what you listen to, to relate to. What songs you like, what bands and maybe even explain why if your up for it. I want to know what it's like for other people. I want music; not that crap that constantly gets replayed on the radio.Anyways, new topic?
Vacation? Yes. That is correct. It is summer and I have vacation this week. You'd think that maybe we'd travel out of the state, to some really wonderful spot in the sun where the water is clear blue or something. Maybe even camping, just something to relax. No of course not for my family because we're all completely and utterly crazy and insane. We're going to a city. We're going to be stuck in the city, in the tight polluted air. People everywhere, running into each other being complete assholes just because they need to run to their work place. Taxis, buses, etc. WHAT!? I am such a country person, and where I live it's barely that. I love going to an area where there is animals, the water, the sun. Not some polluted area where I might just get trampled.

What's your weirdest vacation spot that you've been to?

Last vacation, my dad fell off a horse onto a rock and we had to go home because his knee turned purple. So now we're going to a city where, well there isn't going to be horseback riding, unfortunately. Well, lucky for my dad considering he was the one who fell. Well technically he jumped because it was going too fast down a mountain. My family is full of mental cases.

Okay, well time to rap it up. Comments are very sexy and appreciated. So do it. Do it now.

Hugs and Kisses, Crunch.
August 1st, 2010 at 09:29pm