I Wish I Knew You Better

Hello, I'm tessa rae and this is another random journal. Can you remember the feeling that ran through your body the last time you saw a missing persons poster or headline? I used to think to myself, 'Oh someone will find them I'm sure.' I never really took the time to think about what my reaction would be if it were someone I knew. I never thought about that person being someones best-friend, sister/brother, boyfriend/girlfriend, or even someones parent. What if that missing persons was someone you used to play with at recess, someone you used to run around with at Wal-Mart, someone you shared a laugh or two with once, or maybe even someone you used to call your friend at one point.

Recently a friend of mine stumbled upon an article about four teen boys missing from an area close to us. Curious we read on of course to figure out the names of the boys. When my eyes skim the name 'Chance Salyers' I just about scream. I find myself unable to move from the spot on my bed where I'm laying. My mind is slowly churning grasping helplessly for some sort of explanation as to why his name would be there. 'Maybe I have clicked a different link.' 'He could have found one of the boys, right?' Once I had calmed myself I read on searching for more information. Growing worse as i read on past his mothers interview and pictures of him posted for those who might see him i found the most chilling part of the article. He has been missing for over three weeks.

Chance used to be a good kid, always playing nice with kids around him. As he grew older that began to fade as he stepped into the faster circle with different friends. After stealing his mothers car at the age of 15 Chance (by court order) was sent off to Montana to live on Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch last year until he graduates at 18.
On July 15th, Chance and and 17-year-old Adam Irvin ran away from the church camp(stated above) which has had over 20 allegations about abuse made by past students spanning back 25 years.

So if your around the Montana area PLEASE follow this link (It is safe I promise!) watch the video, read the story, spread the word, do whatever you can to find these four teen boys.
August 5th, 2010 at 07:24am