An Evening With The Maine...

So yesterday was interesting.. We had a two and half hour drive to go see The Maine in Philly. I had literally just gotten out of band camp (I even left early) and got a shower and ate dinner.

We had to first turn around to get my best friend's mom's phone.

Well then we had the long drive. That wasn't too bad... Well then we found a parking spot a mile away cuz we figured we wouldn't find anything closer. So we walked the 10 blocks (aka 1.2 miles to get to the venue). By the time we had gotten there, The Maine was on their second song... We walked into the venue on the lines of "She's 18 and a beauty queen..."

The Maine was amazing and my best friend Sierra got me and her through the crowds. Through the Maine's whole set we were in like 4 different places all over the venue haha.

The boys were hilarious but also heartfelt. The whole thing felt so surreal. Some girl even flashed the maine for a good two minutes. The boys were just so cool. I really wanted to "borrow" the flag they had with the M logo. =)

I took a lot of pics and videos, and made a few friends.

Then Sierra and I went to the Dirk Mai/Austin Gibbs/ This Century merch table.

We bought some merch (a Dirk Mai shirt and This Century CD) and got to meet Dirk Mai. That was really cool. (Practically all of The Maine's merch except like one thing was sold out. haha)

Then we waited in line to meet the Maine (we couldn't get pics with them because otherwise the boys couldn't meet everyone). Dirk Mai came over to us again and took a bunch more pics even though we told him he had already taken our pics. haha. So we talked with him for a while. I jokingly told him he'd be my best friend if he went and got me Max (aka Moose) and Tim Kirch... so I don't know if he actually did get them to come over or if they by chance came to the same area but I got to talk to them as well.

So Dirk, Max, and Tim were all super chill.

Then it came time to meet the boys of The Maine.. Sierra told them the story of how it took us to get out here and the mile walk and everything and they thought it was really super cool. John also wished me a happy birthday and I told him the same.

I got to talk to Garrett about how The Maine was a big reason for me wanting to be a tour manager, because I wanted to work with such chill musicians.

I was so short but I got a high 5 from Garrett. For some reason I can't remember if I hugged or high 5'd John haha. Then Kennedy actually like got up and leaned as far as he could to hug me.

Then I talked to Jared and told him how I learned "I Must Be Dreaming" on guitar and how my pop music (aka guitar class) made me play it in front of everyone. Then I either high 5'd or hugged Jared.

Then I talked to Pat for a few seconds (the bouncer dude was rushing us along) and while I was talking he hugged me and his arm hit my mouth.. It felt like I accidentally kissed his muscle which was weird haha.

But all in all the concert was so amazing. Oh I also met this cool kid named Ari and he's in a band from the Philly area too.

Then we left the concert, & I got to ride in a cab for the first time in my life.

We had to jump the car because the lights were on the whole time.

There were some really really nice Philly people but then there were the jerks and creepers. There were creepers checking me and my best friend out.

Then on the way home, we got pulled over by a cop because we were going to slow... Apparantly we were going 55 and we should've been at the speed limit of 65 because as the cop said, "these trucks will run your car over". Haha.

So yes, it was an amazing, radtastic night indeed. Hopefully I'll get to see This Century's set some day.
August 7th, 2010 at 03:44am