Concert Last Night (paramore)

So I went to that Paramore concert.

Crazy long drive to the concert, then we realize we booked at the wrong hotel. We end up at this inn, and the bathroom makes crazy weird sounds. Me and my best friend Christie, (have our own room) turn on the bathroom lights and it makes crying sounds. So we got freaked out. The sink sounded like screaming when it was on. Then, Christie and I went out to eat. We come back to our room and realize our door is wide open. What the hell!? Nothing was touched, but it was so creepy. So we finally left for the concert.

We get there, and it's so crowded. Kadawatha (amazing!), New Found Glory (perfect as always), Tegan and Sara, and Paramore! We stood in a crowd, only 20 feet away from the stage, for six hours. Jumping, screaming, fist throwing, etc. No mosh pits, real dissappointment to be honest. Everyone was practically on top of each other. People without deoderant. It was so worth it. Paramore played an encore for us. While we had water guns sprayed at us, and beach balls thrown everywhere. Then fireworks from the stage at the end, and confetti everywhere!

It had to of been the most amazing concert I've ever been to and ever heard. They rocked it out. My swollen feet and bleeding ankles was worth it!

Next, we make it back to our room. There is a huge bug on the door, so we move it out of the way. We prank call people saying, "Hello this is Richard Hurts. Do you remember me? My nickname was Dick." And, finally we got down to this one girl. She has made my life hell by backstabbing me more than I ever could have thought possible. I call her and say that and she says "Yeah I remember you from last night." so I said "What's up baby?" and she says "This guy." So I said "Oh you already moved on from me!? Oh what now, you're screwing me over like you did to Mikey, (curse word)" and I hung up. (See, she screwed over my ex by dating him, never liking him, using him, lying to him and then leaving him for her ex) I was really annoyed what she did to him.

Next thing you know, she texts me! "You can call back now." I was like oh my, I screwed myself over. So I ignored it, laughing hysterically with Christie. Then she texts me again "Thats what I thought (curse word)." I was like oh my. So finally we're laying down after that and this huge spider crawls on my face. I screamed and Christie and I tried to find it but it wasgone. So we stayed up till about 6 AM looking for this spider.

This was the most epic night of my life.
August 8th, 2010 at 09:31pm