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She doesn't feel comfortable letting me see a guy because she hasn't met him before.
This is absolutely rediculous. To be honest, it's outrageous and completely unreasonable. My parents are extremely strict. I guess at some point it's good to have parents who care, but when it's at the point where I can't make friends or have fun, it's just plain pointless.

My parent's don't allow me to see half my friends because they don't like them, even when they don't know them. I can't have friends drive me around. Certain times, I am not allowed to have parents drive me somewhere if they don't know the parent. There have been times where my parents don't let me text people because they don't know them or like them. Seriously? Sometimes it really bugs me, usually I let it all go because I can't do much about it. But now it's just frustrating me, and pushing me over the line.

My parents have been telling me to get over this guy I dated. They won't let me see him, and they make up lies about him because they hear them in rumors. It's like they live in highschool drama. I don't. They've been pushing me to get over him and find someone else who's nice and everything. I finally did, and there's literally nothing wrong with him and my mom won't take me to see him because she's never met him. Obviously, I want her to take me there so she can meet him. His parents are going to be home, we are going to be supervised, and he's just a friend at this point.

Yet, my mom is convinced taking me to a guy's house is the most terrible thing possible. It really isn't. He doesn't do drugs. He doesn't smoke, or drink. He doesn't get in trouble, and he's really smart. He's not even a juggalo, which they hate the most. He's been nothing but nice to me, and my parents think by meeting him and letting me see him, I will be in trouble. They said it's uncomfortable for them. So I invited him to my house. And my parents say no, because they don't want him here. I don't know what to do. They push me on my limits, and are so unreasonable. Nothing seems to meet their standards and I'm so sick of it.
August 17th, 2010 at 09:38pm