It's sort of... good anxiety? Long theatre rant, wish me luck please?

::cheese: ::don: ::wow: ::crazy: ::cry: ::crazy:

That's exaclty how I'm feeling right now xD

So IDK if you saw me sort of ranting about this, but I had been really nervous about doing theatre this year. First, there's a few things to know about my high school theatre:

1. We are in the top ten theatre troupes in the US. We run an amazing program, and the people who get in are all good.

2. It's really, really competetive, everyone is just so amazing.

3. This was my first legit audition. EVER.

So our musical this year is Footloose. And I've done lots of theatre stuff before, like building sets, and I was on props/house crew for Twelfth Night last year. So I have some experiance, but not like, the on-stage-performing kind. And this year, I decided, no, I'm gonna freaking try out. So I got voice lessons, and I've had acting classes before.

Which brings us to yesterday afternoon, which were general auditions. Anyone could audition, and we had to do some dancing and then sing. My dancing wasn't amazing, but I can pretty much do the dance that the choreographer taught us except for the spin and the leap thingy. Years of being a swimmer caused me to do this awkward Butterfly arm flail ::facepalm: Way to go.

But then the singing... holy shiz I did better on my singing than I expected. I think I saw my directors jaw drop for a second... she told me latter she didn't know I could sing.

So I left auditions happy, figuring I probably wouldn't get callbacks, where you have to go and sing again and then do some cold-reading acting. I was just hoping if I DID get on stage, I would at least have lines, not be completely in EFFING CHORUS, or be a techie.

I nearly effing PIDDLED myself when I saw I was on the callbacks list. Only nine out of the fourty-odd girls who auditioned got callbacks. And they only callback the people who they're considering for leads.

Yeah, I was going all High School Musical jump all morning ::tehe:

So all day, it was really hard to focus because I was so excited I got called back, and on a first time audition too. Two of my friends who got called back, it was their first time too, and they've been doing the musical for the past two years. So it was litterally a ::cheese: moment.

And as for callbacks...

Everyone was so, so freaking amazing. There's six female "leads," and there were nine girls called back. So, three of us aren't going to get "roles." I mean, there are a few characters that have lines and are chorus, so that wouldn't be bad, and our director said we were all in the show, so that's good.

But the singing part... so I got called back for two characters, and all the girls that were called for them sang one song that was a duet for the characters, and none of us really knew it xD And STUPID EFFING ME left her water bottle at home -.- so my voice wasn't the absolute best on top of nerves. So not as good as yesterday, but still pretty good. But really... there were so many amazing people out there.

So onto the acting. Both times I had to act with other people, so that was good, and I think I did really well, especially on scene with Ren and Ethel. I desperately want to be Ethel, but I would be fine with Vi, who was the other person I was called back for. I mean... Ethel is mostly an acting part, and I think my scene with Ren was my best, but for Vi, my director knows I can beast it out on her solo, because I sang it for my initial audition.

So now, I'm going crazy. Cast list is posted Friday after school. IT CAN'T COME SOON ENOUGH. GAH.

Please, pray for me, cross your fingers, do whatever you religion tells you to do, but please, give me luck in getting a role!!!

Love all you Mibbians!
August 25th, 2010 at 05:58am