The Rev

To Every Avenged Sevenfold Fan Out There

This may be really random to write now considering the Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan has been gone for a few months now, but today I was watching my live in the LBC DVD and then I felt like watching the tribute video for him. When I finished watching I reed a post M Shadows had put on there website and I was in tears reading about how much he truly loved Jimmy, and watching the video you saw what an amazing & unique person he was and you saw how much he loved life amd all the people that were in his and how much of a true artist he was, he was so much more then just a drummer...even though he rocked the shit out of the drums. Then reading all the comments from his fans you can see that even people that had never meet him how much they loved him & from the people that had, how much he loved them. so I don’t really know why im writing this but I remember the day I heard about his passing it was on mibba actually....I didn’t believe it so I went on Wikipedia then I thought well this site could be all bullshit so my next stop was the A7X website, and there it was right in front of my face that James Owen Sullivan had passed away on December 28th 2009 at the age of 28.

I sat there just looking at the screen thinking "No this can't be true” but it was and my heart broke in that second. I never got the chance to see them live my mum wouldn’t let me go because I didn’t have a ride, I never got the chance to meet him and tell him how much I loved him and his music with A7X and with Pinkly Smooth. I have never been so pissed at my mum before. That night I went to bed and listened to Afterlife, A Little Piece of Heaven, Scream and Pretty much every song that you could hear Jimmy in over and over again...and I cried. Some might thinks its strange that I cried over someone that I never meet but a true Avenged Sevenfold fan cried with me when they heard the news, The cried with the band and with everybody that loved Jimmy.

So at the end of all of this I pretty much just wanna give my love to all the Avenged Sevenfold fans out there all over the world and out to the Avenged guys for being as strong as they have been to be able to put out this new album that has rocked our faces off, and just give a huge thank you to Mike Portnoy for helping Avenged keep the spirit, memory and legacy of there fallen brother alive.

R.I.P Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan You’re God's Drummer Now. Rock The Afterlife


Love Shannon
August 26th, 2010 at 08:58am