ehh... weird question that i really need answered, like, right now so i can update my story... BEST SCENT FOR A GIRL?

What is the best scent for a girl.
Said girl is fifteen years young.

Many people have been nagging me for not updating in, well, forever.
So, I decided to update as many of my stories as I could before my mom yelled at me to get off the computer... Yupp...

Silent Whispers is first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D

I hate how these stupid things have to be one hundred words long. It's so freaking pointless... Now I'm going to write random things down..

HOW MANY OF YOU GOT NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!

I DID! On the day it came out... I ran, literally, into HMV and pulled the album off the shelf, hugged it to my chest and screamed and jumped around until my mom came into the store -- she just had to take he sweet time and make me wait a few extra minutes before the beautiful thing was mine -- then I ran the the cash register and the guy stared at me like a was a freaking idiot. Seriously, he was giving me a look... Obviously, someone hasn't experienced the heavenlyness of Avenged Sevenfold... Anyways, I ran out of the place after mommy paid... ;D and she was evil and made me look at stupid shoes with her before I could go home to listen! EVIL MOMMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!
August 26th, 2010 at 11:39pm