Day 1: The happiest journal you can write.

Hello. I am happy today. I am very happy. The sun is shining, it's a Friday, I'm going to see RENT tomorrow, Would I Lie to You? is on tonight, I just got tickets to a live stream of Stephen Fry at my favourite cinema, I just wrote a story I'm actually happy with, my fabulous English teacher likes me, I just made tea with just the right amount of milk today, I had a really sweet conversation with a Welshman, my radiator's working, there's Pepsi Max in the fridge, there's chow mien for dinner, veggie sausages for breakfast tomorrow, I finally got a job interview, I got Jimmy Carr's DVD, I'm finally understanding Advanced Higher maths, I got a really unawkward hug today, I remembered to get a new bottle of shampoo before I actually got into the shower, there was a still-slightly-green banana when I woke up this morning, there are rumours of U2 coming to the UK, my copy of Private Eye arrived and my hair is looking fiiiiiine.

You know what? None of these a major, special things. True, the fact that my Papa's not very well and the fact that I have a God-awful chest infection and the fact my brother just chopped off his finger probably should mean I'm not as happy as I am right now. But sometime you should just savour the little things - some days are just like that.
September 3rd, 2010 at 10:47pm