My ex is stalking me.

My ex boyfriend had been in rehab, the whole summer since we broke up. We were in a relationship for a year, when I found out he had been cheating, lying and doing drugs again. He just came home last Saturday. That day he tried talking to me, and I sent him a message on myspace telling him I didn't want anything to do with him, and that I couldn't be apart of his life anymore. I said it maturely and nicely - the nicest way I possibly could. I gave him my reasons, and told him I was sorry and he needed to move on. I told him not to message me or contact me in any way. I blocked his myspace, facebook, and aim.

I was preparing to block his house numbers and his parent's cell phones when I get a message from aim to my phone. He tells me he likes that message I sent, that he loved it. I said "K, cool, bye." he also replied bye. The next day he messages me again, trying to talk to me. I tell him I don't want to talk and I need him to leave me alone. He non-stop messages me telling me I am a hoe, cunt, bitch, two faced, liar, etc.I tell him "K, cool, bye." And he doesn't stop. He tells me all these things, and flips out because I didn't want him in my life anymore.

He finally leaves me alone. Then, he makes another facebook with the same name and everything, just so he could re-add me because his other one was blocked. I sent him another message and told him I meant it, to stay away. I blocked that one too. Today, he messages me trying to talk to me. I told him to stop and he wouldn't. It doesn't make sense to me, how could someone talk so much bull behind my back, and say how much he hates me and doesn't want me in his life, then still try so hard to talk to me? He can't seem to make up his mind.

Now I'm trying to find all the numbers that belongs to him and his family to block him. I blocked his AOL account, his facebook, myspace, etc. I told him to leave me alone. He doesn't. I don't know what to do. He's constantly harassing me. And, I'll admit. It's getting to me. He's like a stalker - except it's not from far away. It's up close, so I can feel the pain. It's like I got stitches and I need them to heal, yet he goes and rips at the wounds to hurt me. I don't know what to do. I can't handle this. Advice?
September 17th, 2010 at 12:05am