I'm procrastinating, so come stalk me xD

I'm totally jumping on the bandwagon. Because I don't know what to write for my AP English essay xD

"ABC, it's easy as 1, 2, 3!"

A - Autumn, Apparation, awesome
B - Books, black, Batman
C - Clouds, crackfic, characters
D - Dragons, dangerous, Dinosaurs
E - Eating, Eleanor Dunbar, encore
F - Fanfiction, fascinating, freaky
G - Guitar Hero, GTFO, G-String jokes (::XD:)
H - Harry Potter, happiness, Halloween
I - Intelligent, irksome, ironic
J - Jennie, jay-walking, jungle
K - Kitty, kinky, killer
L - Liar, Luna Lovegood, loner
M - Musicals, moon, Michael
N - Night, NCIS, narcasist
O - Orcestra, open-minded, OMG
P - Paleontology, Pokemon, pessimist
Q - Quinn, quick, Queen
R - Rational, rebellious, rock and roll
S - Snow, sneaky, space
T - Tired, true, "Thick"
U - Umbrella, understood... not, U NO POO (::lmfao:)
V - vocals, violin, vivaciousness
W - Writing, wanker, wand
X - X Bloods, X Men, xylophone
Y - Yelling, "Yeup," Y HALLO THAR :B
Z - Zippers, zesty, zoology

Procrastination: Successful
October 12th, 2010 at 03:21am