Why aren't there any black people stories on mibba besides my own??

I don't care at the moment if I'm sounding prejudice. It get's extremely tedious to go look for a story and see the same cookie-cutter bullshit over and over!

It's all about fanfiction dealing with bands stories, popular guy/evasive girl, emo's and more fanfiction. It's really hard to find a story that's original and maybe, (yet again) it's cus I'm black, but I'm in love with street fiction. Danielle Santiago, Deja King, K'wan, Keisha Ervin, Ashley 'n' Ja'Quavis...? These are just a few of my favorite authors of street novels. Even if the stories arn't completely street, can there be a few more black people added into the damn mix?? I know I haven't searched through every story on mibba so it would be lovely to stumble upon one where the main characters are of african-american descent.

Like a suggestion I made to someone on here(which I hope she actually does), black girl/white guy...Now on this site, that's very original! You don't read many stories where the couples are interracial.
October 25th, 2010 at 08:31am