I love Brandon as a friend with all my heart, and I will always be there for him. I am getting over my feelings for him slowly, though something far back in my mind just seems to know for sure that he and I could be together, but for now it is best to just find someone else. Sow my oats if you will. Gain my expierence and catch some better pokemon. As much as I love Brandon and we have so much fun together, he needs to evolve into a better pokemon. Like Evee evolves to Nine tails, and Nine Tails is awesome, right? That's my favorite pokemon. Lol.

Oh, so it's eleiction day coming up? and Like, I think I have to vote for my new governor. But I really don't care. Politics is just..whatever man. It's all fixed. Nothing is real, you know? Every caidnadate, no matter what party they are in, just...are gonna fuck you in the a chick with herpes trying to sell you that you can't herpses when she doesn't have an outbreak, but then you get herpes anyway>

Yeah like that.

LOh, and just so you know, I am not corecting my grammar cause...Ia m slightly inhebriated and I like watching myself talking in tis state of MIND OMG BRANDON TEXTED ME HOLD ON~

Anyway, yeah, I like documenting this kind of shit. I a,m high btw if you couldnt tell. I mean, i could be deunk but I'm not. So anyway, I have a more prolificit hagha that word is spelled wrong. oh man, I M GONNA play Video games all night till my spaz Brandon comes home.

I would love for you guys to talk to talk to meee
October 30th, 2010 at 04:16am