Because we live in a world of Capitalism.

I'm not going to make the typical journal of: "when I was younger, Halloween was AWESOME"- because that is just obvious. OF course when you are young and ignorant, everything is just AWESOME. You don't have responsibilities, or work, or shitty friends who stab you in the back; no, all you have is your cute costume and a basket filled with candy. Fuck yeah, Halloween was awesome when you were between the ages of 3-18 (longer if you are lucky enough to go away to college). But now it's just...ugggh.... Though I am going to try to mildly stay positive since, technically, I am not doing anything till 10pm (willingly), but I don't know. today kicked off shitty with a ticket, and then a fight with Brandon. And then dealing with shitty costumers at work so YEAH, I'm in a peppy mood.

But I digress...this is a cool Holiday. If I wasn't so tired and bitchy, I'd probably be making more of an effort to do something- however, all I really want to do is either take a five hour nap, or play Xbox. MIND YOU neither has anything to do with studying for my Spanish test tomorrow, or doing the homework. Which I should do. Because, fuck that noise.

what are your Halloween plans?
October 31st, 2010 at 10:25pm