Musically Confused

If the journal title caught your attention is because it is important. Well important to me anyways. What happened to listening to music or just liking music for the sheer enjoyment.

It seems to me that people complain to much. For example, some people hate the new Dimmu Borgir material. It's not black metal enough, there's too much orchestration, or it just sucks. Well I don't see a problem with hating a bands new albums but to just complain for the sake of complaining is stupid. If you don't like it don't listen to it, most people have a Myspace and/or a Facebook so you can sample an album before you buy it. The reason I'm confused is because music doesn't unite anymore it pushes people apart.

For me if I like a band's album then I like it. If I don't, I don't. If music sounds good to me I don't care what it is. Don't even get me started on teen idols, that's a rant for another day.

Listen to music because you like it (unless you do that already) and not because it fits into a certain genre.

Another point is fashion. Why if your black metal you have to wear black and spikes. Kids are being made fun of because their fashion doesn't match up with the stereotype that even the kids with the same interest use. Metal kids make fun of another metal fan because she wears scene fashions. I've passed judgment on people before but I don't berate or bully them because of it. It happens with bands too. Alot of people pass judgment on Bring Me the Horizon because they look like scenecore kids. I hate using the stereotypes but it makes everything a little bit easier. Back to what I was saying, it is not the clothes but the person inside at the risk of sounding cliche.

I guess the point I'm making is that music use to be fun. Now it just seems to tear people apart.

I now have some questions:
1) What is your take on music and music fans nowadays?
2) Do you like metal, if yes, what kind?
3) Will you check out my stories? (I just had to ask, don't worry if the answers no) :)
November 8th, 2010 at 02:32am