My Subscribers!

Just starting a journal so all my sibscribers will know why updating is slow or so on and so forth. Just thought it would be a lot less complicated to do it this way then trying to write everything in a little authors box :'P anywhoser, I will be (hopefully) updating Strength Of The World and Until The End tonight. If not, then it will definitely be up tomorrow morning.

Fiction will be updated when I get more comments soo all of you 112 subscribers need to comment!

Save Me will be updated soon, I hope. Not sure when though.

Love This Pain will most likely be updated tonight or tomorrow. Not sure but it's already started.

And Nightmare will also update today because the chapter is already written [:

Updates may come slow because of it being the holidays and crap. Need to get my house ready and need to make sure I have enough money to go to Vegas to see Avenged Sevenfold on December 11th;<33

But I will try my best to keep everything updated.

Love Always, Brittany
November 18th, 2010 at 02:27am