No Sorry, Danger Days just sucks, your argument is invalid.

Nah, I mean, I don't care if you like the New My Chemical Romance. Good for you! I'm actually pretty jealous since it totally killed my love for MCR. Granted, my love for them was waning since they went M.I.A two years ago--what with getting rid of Bob, not really updating us on anything, nor touring...and when they did tour it was in other countries, being associated with L.A--but I had hoped that their new album would remind me of my previous affection for them, and draw me back into their loving embrace.

Boy I was fuckin' wrong =D

I was skeptical when I heard Na Na Na Na (NANANANANANANANNANA) for the first time, but decided not to let that hinder me, considering I hated Welcome to the Black Parade when I first heard it, yet the whole album was pretty ace, AND I thought that song was pretty good. THEN, I tried listening to Sing/watch the video, and a look of disgust flashed across my face....I couldn't even listen to this.

"What is this!" I shrieked, gagging up food I had just ingested. I turned it off within a minute. BUT, I decided not to let that hinder me. Every band has one horrible song on their CD. I mean,it's fine. Right?

Then I downloaded the whole album, ready to listen to it all in order. One by one. The songs ticked off...

I couldn't do it Mibba, I just couldn't.. My ears screamed in pain, my throat tightened, it was hard to breath. I wanted to take the computer and smash it just to rid myself of the horrible sound emitting from the speakers. Instead I just turned it off, heaving loudly. I was high to. Weed makes everything better. It makes food taste better, sex feel better, farts smell better, and music sound better. The fact that I hated that shit while high speaks volumes. But I tried once again, sober, to see if maybe...just MAYBE, I hallucinated the whole thing.

Well no, I didn't. Because 9/10 times you don't hallucinate when you smoke weed, and Danger Days just sucks.

Basically MCR, a band that was pretty much on the front lines of the nu-screamo/emo movement--a band which spawned a slew of imitators, and formed it's own genre along with The Used--did something EVERY OTHER BAND, POP STAR, MIDGET, BEIBER-FUCKING-WANNA BE is doing, and that is using synthesizer and auto-tune, and making Dancer, smacy, fuckin bullshit "music." This isn't rock and roll, it's MEBLHGIUHYIUERHBG. It doesn't even have a word, it's a sound affect. I don't wanna dance when I see a band, I want to mosh and punch a 16 year old in the face dammit! Not to mention sooooo many other bands have been jumping on this stupid bandwagon, it's sick. Linkin Park's new album sucks to.

But whatever, this is my opinion, and I am sure everyone is going to shit their pants and go nuts on me for not approving of MCR. WHO I USED TO LOVE. But yeah, they are playing in New York friday I think, and I have no desire to even go see them--even to hear their older stuff...just because I know they are probably going to play some of their new shit, and I can't even make it through an entire song. Yeah sorry MCR, you failed so hard.

Edit: Also, for some reason, I keep listening to it like a masochist, hoping it's going to get better. But like a car crash, only gets worse...and sometimes...people die.

In happier news.......

I have to go annoy Brandon till he wakes up cause it's like 11:30pm and he's been sleeping all day, and all I want to do is play Gears of War 2 really bad. Loser <3
December 2nd, 2010 at 05:28am