An Update Schedule? | Theatre Things

I'm going to try something. Maybe this will get me motivated to get back to writing regularly. I've been on a writing crash since NaNo (which I won! :D), and I really do need to get back to writing my other stories. Therefore, I'm making this update schedual which I'm going to stick to for January. If I like it and it works, then I think I'll try and keep it going for as long as I can.

Monday: Edited chapters of either Bently McQuinn Saves Literature or As The Sister of Harry Potter

Tuesday: His Eyes Are As Green As A Fresh Pickled Toad

Wednesday: One-shots, side projects, or contest entry day

Thursday: The Last Fight

Friday: Music Girl

Saturday: On The Edge of Escape

Sunday: The Vampire's Mistress


Haha, oh, theatre things.
Footloose was epic. There are some pics on my profile from it, but only two I think.

Our next show is called Rabbit Hole, and it's about this couple who's lost their four-year-old son. There's five people in the cast, but we double cast three of the roles. I auditioned but am not in the cast. However, I'm assitant props head! ::crazy: I'm really excited about it. The only downer is there's a LOT of food in the show and it all has to be consumed on the stage. The list goes like this: birthday cake, torte, zucinni bread, creme caramel, lemon squares, orange juice, milk, beer, and wine. D:

Then at the end of the year we're doing Alice In Wonderland!!!! I'm co-puppet master!!! So I get my ownbitches crew. I don't mean that in a swearing way, I mean it in an ownage way xD So I'm doing that, and they're going to probably have tacies (techie actors) again, so I might get some random minor roll like a card xD

Well, that's the end of my ramblings. I hope you all had a happy christmas, and cross your fingers for me that my mum gets me tickets to MCR in Denver!

December 30th, 2010 at 05:43am