During 8th period today, our principal came on the loud speaker. He said, after two long months of battaling cancer, our beloved biology teacher Kim Foglia passed away today. Everyone in my class shed a tear. We didn't continue our math lesson after that.
Ms. Foglia was crazy in the best way possible. She would make sure everyone she passed had a smile and a cheerful spirit. She would barge into my science class and chat with us, making us all laugh. Her room was filled with dead and stuffs animals. Plants filled the room and she would have her hot cup of tea and bowl of tomato soup on her desk everyday. The cancer took away her hair, so she wore the most stylish beanies you ever saw. She kept bugs and live creatures in glass cases, and last year one of her snakes, Julius Caesar, escaped and was loose in the school. He was found and released. My brother would feed her cocrotches while I stood in the doorway as she laughed at my fear of bugs. What will they do with all her animals now? What will they do with her plants and dead things in glass boxes?
I don't want to ask a question and I don't want to give advise. This was nearly a loving message for you all so you knew there was a biology teacher named Kim Foglia and she will be missed in my high school. <3
~Miss Kim Foglia
January 4th, 2011 at 09:13pm