No one cares about my stories or what I have to say, but I'm going to say it anyway.

I am so relieved right now, today was what I thought would be a "hard" day, but I am so proud of myself I got through it without whining and complaining.
I have midterms next week, but in Gym we need multiple days so we're starting this week. The mother fuckin' school board thinks we should be able to swim 500 (kilo)meters..I don't know the exact distance but it's 10 laps down the length of the pool. So 20 times back. I agree, we should need to be able to know how to do that accurately, but I was sitting there all damn weekend freaking out because I have asthma and I thought I'd die or something. But my teacher knows I have asthma! What the fuck was I thinking okay, I was allowed to stop when I needed to and my partner, my friend Mikey, he kept asking me if I was feeling okay and making sure that I wasn't trying to just get through it without stopping because he knows how bad it gets. I did fine, I got through it. I almost fell when I was changing, but whatever. Now I get to relax in gym tomorrow and monitor Mikey and not have to worry :)

Also, in drama, my friend Taylor and I had to preform with these really, really lazy seniors as our final performance. It was terrible and they didn't know most of their lines, but what's done is done. *shrug*
I've been thinking a lot like that lately. I'm glad though.

I also have a final project to do for drama that was given to us in like, September that I just started yesterday...I have to do costume design for Romeo and Juliet. I drew two out of the eight so far, but I'm having a lot of fun reading the story... (so many sexual innuendos..) It's due Thursday and I know that sounds bad, but...I'm planning out the outfits tomorrow and getting most of it done then. We don't have any other homework this week because its the review week for finals so most of it is to study.

So that's basically all I'm doing.

I have a headache right now because I'm super wiped out from swimming that and didn't get to take a nap when I got home because dinner was ready right away. I wrote a lot last night, I've really been in the mood to do so. I hope I have time today. :)

OH. And I got my schedule planner for next year...this bitch. I remember it being so much more exciting coming into high school and planning that. Now I'm just sitting here like. Are you kidding me, I am required to take Health and another gym course. I'm taking French 2, too, so that takes up two elective spots. That leaves me with two more and I'm just looking through the book like, "Are you serious now? All of the good classes I took this year and the rest I'm not allowed to take until Junior year." So I'm left with just getting the requirement classes out of the way. Yay for Personal Finance and Integrated Science for the 21st Century! (long name for computer class.)

I got into Geometry Honors, English 2 Honors, and I'm hoping Chemistry Honors, but my Bio teacher is signing off on that tomorrow. I am also in the middle between hoping and not to get into AP US History... I know I'm capable, but I love writing my own stories and I'm afraid it might take up a lot of my time if I want to get an A.

Gah! Other than that, I'm actually kind of excited for Midterm week. I'm one of the few freshman who aren't exactly scared. I've already started studying... I guess I actually learned this year. Ha.

If you read all of that, comment because you are awesome.
Thanks (:
January 11th, 2011 at 04:06am