1/12/2011 - Lalala

So today was pretty boring, yep.
Aside from the fucking morning. We still had to go to school and the roads were HORRIBLE. So many people were late cuz the buses weren't going very fast...lol. I hope we have off tomorrow. And I hope they call it off early so I know I have more time to do this drama project. Which I should be working on now...

We had a math test which I bombed. At least a few questions I know for sure I got wrong. We have a student teacher starting tomorrow. He's not that bad looking TROLOLOL. My friends thinks he's cute...it's pretty funny. We have to fill out this sheet for homework about ourselves. I have to write three of my top favorite bands...I can't even decide. I crossed out three and wrote 5. XD

In gym we did the push up and sit up tests and I was surprised I actually did 11 GOOD push ups with my horrible, barely-any-muscle arms.. I also did 27 sit ups and for a girl to pass its 25. I felt accomplished. Tomorrow we have to run the mile. Last time I did that was on my birthday in September, but I'm proud to say I'm stronger now, ha! Mikey is going to be my partner for this too, since girls are running tomorrow and boys have to be our partners. Danielle was my partner today, yep. But yeah Mikey wants to make sure I run 3 laps and then only walk 1 and continue that pattern til the end.

I'm still trying to decide whether or not to take AP US History! I'm leaning more toward taking it, but I still have to talk to my history teacher about it. I'm worried that it might be too much, but it's really not. My brother just goes above and beyond. We have to write our own definitions for that class and he wrote like page-long things! I'm pretty sure he doesn't expect 15/16-year-old's to continuously do that, especially because there's like 20 words! I'm pretty sure I'm capable though, Honors classes come so easy to me, and if I go over what we're learning I'll be prepared for the teacher when he randomly calls on me in class. So yeah, I think I'll take AP but I really don't want to be stressed.

Well, I've gotta go draw some puffy pants on Romeo Montague so bye.
January 13th, 2011 at 01:26am