Even though no one honestly cares, lol...

Today was my last day for exams. F yeah.

Drama: 97
Final class grade: 97

Gym: lol 78.
Final Class Grade: 94

English: 90
Final Class Grade: 94

History: 95
Final Class Grade: 97

Math: Unknown thus far.

French: Unknown thus far.

Biology: 87
Final Class Grade: Probably around a 96.

I am so happy. Especially with my Biology grade. We were allowed to ask him what we got and he's scrolling down since I'm near the bottom and I just see a bunch of 50's and 60's and I was worried then he says "87, way to go!" and I'm like "is that with or without the extra credit" and he's all smilin cuz I did well. "Without, actually." So yeah, well everyone was sitting there complaining about getting high D's or low C's and I have practically an A, I'm sitting there like -pokerface-

English pisses me off. That class is a joke. I learn nothing. We barely have writing assignments. All we do is read (which I enjoy) and take tests on either the story/poem we read or vocabulary.
But I don't know where the fuck the 94 came from. It should be at least a 96 god damn it I get high A's on everything. The test was out of like 50 and I got 6 wrong. This is shit. That's MY subject and it's my worst grade. kdfaskld

History was easy, I love that class <3

French was stupid my teacher sucks at doing listening comp because she doesn't even wait she just keeps saying words and I'm like HOLD THE FUCK UP.

Math oh gosh, I really hope I got an okay grade. I think I did, but I'm just worried.

Lol gym I got a C on the sit up test and the mile...

Drama, shit I don't even know how I got that good of a grade...

Also, this is irrelevant, but there's this girl that fucking hates me for not even that bad of a reason omg. And I kept running into her all week it was so annoying. She's supposedly not in my photography class next semester like I thought. I hope not lol. That'd just be awkward. Like I don't even not like her. It's just so awkward cuz she hates me so much and wants to start shit all the time. Like if I were to have texted her happy birthday a couple weeks ago she'd probably freak the fuck out and get her ~*best friend*~ on my ass. lol..
oh shit man what if she sees this shes gonna freak the fuck out again.
She found my tumblr once and went through all like 70 pages to find something about her and she freaked out and yeah. XD okay byee.
January 20th, 2011 at 06:05pm