Fan-girls/boys have the best of times.

My cousin and I have crazy times over: Doctor Who, Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Psych, Burn Notice, and Zelda!

My last journal happend at the end of Doctor Who credits, so THAT wouldn't have happend.

We wouldn't go around practicing Bending moves, and getting weird looks.

I wouldn't have gotten my sword, thanks to Lord of The Rings.

I wouldn't go "Nailed it! Well, almost nailed it! At least I didn't blow it! ...I think."

I wouldn't love David Tennant.

I wouldn't say 'Fan-TAS-tic!" all the time.

I wouldn't avidly try to use the force.

I wouldn't go "Ha-ya-heh-YAH!" when I use my sword, to be like Link.

See, fan-girls are awesome. Stalker-fan-girls, no so much.... I'm not sure that I wouldn't stalk David Tennant if I met him, then take a lock of his perfectly mussed up hair.
February 14th, 2011 at 06:05am