My story pales in comparison.

To all these other stories out there. And not to mention the show Doctor Who itself!

Anyway, I might take my story down, and keep it in a word document just for my cousin to read.

I mean, I hate most of my stories. Except for my Zelda One-shot, I hate 'em!

You gotta think "Would I be embarrassed, or enthusiastic, about one of the people from my fan-fic reading it?"

I just usually keep 'em up for the few, four in this case, people that like the story. But ever since I saw a guy that made a fan-vid on YouTube, and David Tennant SENT HIM A FREAKIN' LETTER! I've been scared that one of the actors finds it.

I know, it's stupid, and I'm making excuses, but bottom line, I'm not happy with it, and there aren't many people who like it.
February 20th, 2011 at 06:26am