People, In General, Are Effed Up

This I have so decided.

I have come to this conclusion by observing one of my best friends (my little brother) and his home life.

You see, he lives with his mum, step dad, and two step brothers. For the most part, his mum cares a lot about him and works her ass off. His step family on the other hand, doesn't give a shiz. I mean, REALLY doesn't care, at all.

I've seen this whole ordeal through from the beginning and now, it seems, to its end. He's hated it there since day one, and I really don't blame him. Forgive me, but if there was one person to define douchebag, it would be my brother's step dad.

So, this whole time, my brother has always been getting the bad end of the stick, getting blamed for everything, yada yada, basicly treated like dirt. Well, first off, last night when he was doing the dishes, he accidently broke a glass and cut his hand open really bad. Like, to the point where it really should have stitches. Does anyone worry about the fact that he's bleeding all over the place? No. Instead, he gets yelled at for breaking a glass. WTF is up with that?

But that's not even the end of it.

So tonight, he calls me sobbing. Apparently, his step dad was trying to make him do the dishes (with, you know, the bleeding hand and all) and so my brother said no, make my step brother do it. My brother and his step brother end up arguing, and in next thing they're fighting. His step brother punches him in the mouth, making his tooth go THROUGH his lip (leaving a hole), re-opens the hand wound that JUST stopped bleeding, and my brother's on the floor, bleeding like mad. And what does his step dad do? Abso-freaking-loutly NOTHING. It didn't stop until my brother's mum walked into the room and stopped it.

Luckily, they're moving out tomorrow. My brother and his mum, that is.

He really, really needs stitches, but can't go to the ER until at least tomorrow. He doesn't want to go to school tomorrow, and I really don't blame him, because the drive TO school will involve him being alone with his step family, and God only knows what will happen in THAT situation.

So... am I wrong in thinking that that's pretty much child abuse? Am I wrong in thinking this guy is just one of those people who should have never, ever reproduced? Am I wrong in thinking people are effed up? Please, do tell me. Because I don't freaking know anymore.

February 25th, 2011 at 07:22am