Post Secret

As A few of you may know, a guy named Frank Warren published a book called 'PostSecret'. I never knew about these books until I came across someone else mentioning them on here in a blog. I started my box of secrets way before I knew of him, and I almost feel relieved that he made these books. I'm not the only person who feels a certain way about things. My Theme for the longest time (as in the theme of my life) was a line from Glycerine (I know that's wrong, I'm still tired, sorry) by Bush; "I'm never alone, I'm alone all the time." One of the cards from the book says: "I don't feel entirely alone when I go through the postcards on your website. Or rather, I still feel alone, but I feel like there are a lot more people alone with me." (Taken from My Secret, the sequel with cards from only college students and teens. Copyright Frank Warren) That's how I feel about Mibba. Even if people just write bad things in these stories, like people being abused or what have you, I don't feel quite so weird that I have written them too. A lot of the things I write about really happened to me and seeing some of your guys' blogs and such, I know that I am not alone in the things that I experienced, even if I feel alone in my depression and anxiety because of them. So I have no idea what I'm saying, or what my point is rather, just that I am glad that there is someone who knows what I mean. (And they're good books, go read them. But alone, cause they'll make you cry.) So Thanks to MCR for bringing us all together and thanks to you guys for reading my fucked up stories. Sorry I've gotten all sappy on you; it's been a rough morning, and I've only been awake for three hours. :) And even thought I'm older than most of you, I still know what you're going through and how hard it is (I'm still living most of it) so you can im me of any of you ever need to. We can be alone together. :)
February 24th, 2007 at 09:08pm