Hey a little about me!

A friend told me i needed to start sharing because i shoudnt care what people think and i think he is right so im going to put some of my stuff on here real soon i hope.im 16 very very talkitive blonde-blue eyed and i will always be someones baby girl no matter who or what tries to stop me. my life is hell and personally i cant wait till i turn 18 if it wasnt for the cop that told me i couldnt i wouldve been out of my house along time ago. I was engaged but now im not because of stupid people doing stupid things and saying stupid things as well so now im trying my best to move on other than that if you wanna know more message me on here or if i know you email me on yahoo and i will get back to you unless your some 40 year old creeper!!! lolz
March 10th, 2011 at 08:41pm