March 21, 2011

I am writing again.

Gosh, that felt good. I want to say it again. Louder. In Caps. I'M WRITING AGAIN. :] It's a sigh of relief-- even though I haven't written decent poetry in the longest time. Maybe my mojo is on vacation. Maybe it's just a phase?

In any case, at least my main story (one that's undergone everything from title changes to point-of-view changes to plot revisions and major editing) is up and running. At first, when I was twelve, I called it, "A Fallen Angel" for need of a title. Then, at thirteen, it was "Breathless", and now it's "If You're Mine". And it'll probably stay that way until I think of something better.

I keep editing it, even after I post. I stick in commas and then erase things are superflous. I add my own personal touches, then delete them in fits of detrimental rage.

So comment all the time, every time I post. Don't be silent, please. Tell me exactly how much you hate the bad guys, how much you love the good guys. Be loud and obnoxious on my story's comment page. Tell me everything, because in the end, it's you that I'm writing for.

Thanks: { b r i e }
March 21st, 2011 at 06:42pm