You Know The Girl That Seemed To Embaress Herself,Well That Girl's Me...

Okay,so you know when you have a big crush and you sometimes dont know how to confess it to them?

How your the girl or guy that blushes every time that person walk's by?

(I know some of you will say "no" but i'm just saying.)

Well that kind of person is me.

I have this really big crush on a guy thats SUPER hot.And i just cant seem to confess it to him.I dont know how to open up.

Half the girls in my school would get all googly eyed like some moron's!

I never got like that!

But--but one time we bumped into oneanother,it was an complete accident.I told him that i was sorry while i was picking up my stuff.And he said it was "ok."

But when we both was finish picking our things up.I stared into his eyes,a-a-and it was like love at frist site!

I dont know how to explain it,but it was!

Embaressing myself,i could'nt stop staring into his AMAZING BLUE EYE'S!
They was so lovely it was like staring into the water atop the ocean and looking at the big blue sky.

Plus,he stared into mines also!

(Even though my eyes are'nt that amazing,but he was staring at them as if they were!)

We stared at one another for another half minute before my friend Ashley Packson ran up to me.She was practically yelling at me for being late for our School Paper meeting.

But i constantly did'nt seem to listen nor decipher.
I was to busy looking back at the guy that was still watching me.

He smiled and winked at me before turning and leaving.I blushed!

It was probally the frist time i ever blushed for someone,and i never thought i could!

After that main event had happened at school that day we started talking to oneanother.

You know laughing at skanky girls that seem to beleave thier so PERFECT.

And heading out with his crazy football friends to Coney Island.Drinking shakes,and plucking french fries at oneanother.

Then there would be times when we have our moments.

Like one time,while we was coming from an gathering at Ashley's house and he took me home,we went stargazing in my moms backyard.

The blanket was wraped around both our shoulders,my head on his shoulder and he pointing out to the brightest star in the sky,saying thats how beatiful i look,and thats how bright my smile is.

I looked at him and blushed,trying to spring out some words to say.

Like telling him how much i liked him,and how one of those stars will be our bright future.

But instead i say something utterly stupid.

I tell him how shiny his shoes is and how bright his smile can be.

i know right!

Completely stupid!

I fealt utterly and completely stupid for what i just said.

But he acted as if i did'nt say it and wraped his arm around me tightly and kissed me on the cheek.

And mutter with a soft laughter of the words "i know."

I fealted so stupid that night,that i wanted to cry out in horror.

How could i be so dumb!

'Cuz if this was Ashley and not me that night,she would've said something surpriseingly sweet to make him kiss her on the lips, NOT the cheek.

I tell you i could be an complete IDIOT sometimes.

But all thats put behind me.

because him and i (name not classified) still have our moments.

And he sometimes could get upset and i would calm him down.

And when i cry i would have a shoulder right there to lean on.

So yeah,we have our times.Thats kept just between us.

But i will NOT forget that embaressing moment out in my back yard.
March 26th, 2011 at 02:52am