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If you're looking for some great original fiction, this list might help. I'm sorry I'm not a big help in the fanfic department. I'll update this whenever I can, and the edit dates will be at the bottom incase you want to know how long this entry's been collecting dust.

Happy reading!

Original Stories
Time Lifts the Light by Ms.Marauder - Complete.
Mercury Books by Ms.Marauder - Incomplete.
Tennessee by wilde - Complete.
The Beast and The Brain by Downy - Active.
Skinny Love by anchor and braille - Incomplete.
The Fifth World by How Profounding? - Complete.
Learning to Love June by mockingbird; - Complete.
Invisible Wings by le soleil. - Complete.
Where the Dead Things Grow by idiotheque. - Incomplete.
Seize the Fire by X. Achates - Complete.
Heat by carinogenic. - Incomplete.
The Fisherman's Daughter by BaudelaireInBraille - Active.
Generations by fooleish - Incomplete.

Blackbird by archipelago. (Damon Salvatore) - Complete.
Wings by archipelago. (Damon Salvatore 2) - Active.
I've Got Bad News, Baby. by MellyonFire (Frank Iero) - Complete.
Where I Belong by miss royalty (Prince Harry) - Incomplete.
The Pretend Things by Judah Jones (11th Doctor) - Incomplete.
The Dark Details by castiel's vein (Peter Pan) - Incomplete.

Inspirational Authors
city lights;
oh how lovely.

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