I realized that I haven't finished a story in a year. Which seems kind of crazy, because in 2009, I wrote/finished three stories and started another which I finished last year. It's also a bit depressing, if you can imagine. Wondering if I've just completely lost my ability to write, wondering if I should move on from Mibba, etc, etc. But I love writing. I love making up stories. I don't want to give up, I just can't seem to build anything substantial from what I write.

After I finished my first story, I Still Remember, I remember (hah) trying to write another story that would capture that same feeling I had when I wrote it. Everything ended up being horrible, and forced, and the only thing I wrote was Indie-A-Gogo, which wasn't much more than just a distraction. Then I wrote Breathing Underwater, which felt really natural.

After Breathing Underwater, it happened again. I tried to write but nothing came like things came from Breathing Underwater. I remember being on Mibba, and having a bunch of different stories up and just feeling defeated with them all. So I erased everything, went on hiatus, and came back with Shadows of the World. I'm not saying Shadows of the World was my favorite story (far from it), but it came naturally. It flowed. I was doing well until I wrote We Were Birds.

Now I feel like I'm in that post-awesome-story-stuck-phase. Nothing is coming naturally to me - Aurora was better, but I knew I was losing it. I just don't exactly know where that spark is. Sadly, this time, it's taken me so much longer than it usually does to get out of it.

I hope that things get better now that I've changed my layout and unshackled myself from the obligation of any of the stories, from the pretense that this is getting better. It's not - it's happening the same way it has happened before. I pretend it's going to work out and it doesn't.

So I just hope you can be patient with me. I hope you can understand that I'm apprehensive to start anything new because I don't want this block to kill something that I love. But here is what is going on in my mind right now. If you'd like to let me know which one you'd want to read, I'd like that. I can't make any promises that it will be up,but I'd like to hear about which one you prefer.

Thanks so much guys.

Doves At Her Feet
Following the loss of her true love and soul mate, Willow Wilkinson, a Seer, joins a merry band of misfits who are attempting to save the world, all the while she keeping track of her past in a journal and searching for her missing father.

The Dark Descent
When her brother is kidnapped, a girl (haven't decided on a name yet) must travel to the forbidden city of Darkling to rescue him, where she encounters many strange people, including one sarcastic, enigmatic young man. (I suppose it sounds a little like Doves, but it's probably going to be less tragic and probably a bit more comical)

Bones and Arrows (re-written)
Gemma Rose moves to the town of Moon Lake, Maine, to discover that her childhood friends, especially one in particular, are not all they seem, and that she will soon be in the middle of a centuries old feud.

Seventh Daughter (I put it up before when it was called The Forest of Thieves. It's a bit like Aurora, with the werewolves/Wolf Prince thing, so I'm hesitant about putting it up, but I figured I'd just write everything down)
Ruby is the Seventh Daughter, the Fierce One. She has been entrusted to traveling through the Forest of Thieves - where criminals are taken care of by being fed to the vicious werewolves - to the mountains, where her grandmother lays dying. This is what would have happened if Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf had fallen in love.

Aislinn of the West
Forced into a marriage with a wealthy knight thrice her age, Aislinn escapes to London where she disguises herself as a boy and becomes a squire. However, her adventure truly begins when the knights of her order are sent on a quest deep into the forest to discover the secrets of the monsters living there.

The Dominion of Hades
Hades is the young princess of the Underworld, where her only solace is staring into the Well of Eternity, where she sees the face of her secret love, Kore, the God of the Harvest. However, one night, her brother spills her secret to their father, and he kidnaps Kore from above and marries him to Hades. It's a flipped version of the Persephone myth, and told from both Hades and Kore's point of view.

The trouble with these is that there isn't one I'm just dying to write, even though I love all the ideas. So who knows. Maybe one of these will go up. Maybe none of them will. Maybe something else, brilliant will come to me. I'm just going to try and not worry about it, and let it come to me for now.

Thank you for reading!
April 6th, 2011 at 05:50pm