Nah, I don't think I'd call this a triumphant return.

Did you miss me? 20 bucks says you didn't! :D But that's cool, I rarely miss anyone who drops off this site, except maybe on person (Bastard Son). Jinxeh doesn't count because I just saw her last week in spirit at her birthday party. Yeah, I was there. I was the one in the corner with the mustache. True Stories.

I won't go into detail why I even left in the first place, and as you can see I didn't post some dramatic journal detailing my escape from this place. I just looked t this blue and orange website, and logged out. I poked my head in here a few times, of course, but never had the real desire of staying logged in and updating you all on my life. And I still can't say that I am going to be making this return permanent. Chances are, I'll probably log out and forget to log back in. I don't know. The air here is different. The tides have changed so dramatically in the passing years, that I feel like I am a stranger to all of this. It isn't that the site changed, or the people have changed per say--just the atmosphere.

But I can say I miss writing. And maybe, just maybe, returning here would help the juices pump a bit quicker. My only reason for staying here was to write and get some kind of con-crit, and I honestly haven't written drop since leaving. So, maybe me being here helps me write. And if that is the case, then I should probably come visit more often.

Now, you may have been like "LOL TD;DR" but if you decided to stay this long, I ask that you update me on what's bee going on here :) I haven't really checked since December, so that's five months of catching up.
May 13th, 2011 at 03:24am