Hey! I'm a new user, with big plans.

I have a lot planned, and I'm in the process of getting it all out! First off, I’m going to be adding a lot of stories that will all hopefully be very different. I’m passionate about writing, but I love a lot of other things, too- art, reading, guitar (music), etc, almost in that order. I’d say I spend about 5% of my free time on the guitar, 10% on writing, 20% on reading, 30% on drawing and art, and the other 35% or whatever spent swimming, walking, hanging out with friends, etc.

I live in AZ, and it’s hot as hell, always. I love the cold and snow and whatnot, but I have to go north to find it. I attend college classes along with my high school classes, so don’t let my age deceive you. I try to keep it believable in whatever I do, whether it’s drawing or writing or whatever. I’m going into my junior year of high school. I recently got a very, very, very good score in my writing aims, which has inspired a lot of this.

But this isn’t really about me, is it? It’s about the writing. A variety of subjects interests me; I will write random love stories, but I will also go deeper. I have about four new stories planned right now, and I’ve started one. Before I get too deep, know I will never write about myself. I will never completely take a person from reality and weave them into my stories, but I may draw inspiration for character traits from them. THIS WILL ALL BE ORIGINAL FICTION.

The first story right now will be about a girl who moves and starts school with a variety of entanglements involving two brothers her age, and a little six-year old boy. What does that have to do with a story? The first chapter should be up by May 20th. Watch during these stories, because they will have hints about each other.

Another story is about self-hate and emotional instability, with more adult themes throughout. The story will have a character from the first story mentioned above. It is a story about cutting, and I hope I can represent the turmoil people go through when they cut. No, I do not cut. But I did for a long time, and I know how it was for me. This story is not based on me, I am just drawing facts that I know to be true from personal experiences.

A third story will also be based around a character from the first story (I really have to find names for these stories!), and it will be a teacher-student relationship. I have no real plans for this one, although I am excited about it. I actually thought of this on one of those mornings where you think of anything except having to get out of bed. This story won’t be a high school story, but will take place at a college ( I feel this is a little better than a teacher dating a student who is still completely dependent on parents and family and whatnot. I will try to make this as realistic as possible?.

A fourth story is about two sisters who are always so different from each other, but it will be focused on the older sister. The younger sister will have been in another story, and the older sister only briefly mentioned. The story will be about a guy intent on getting the older sister to date him, and she is mistrustful because she has never even met the guy. I think.

* * * * *

If you have cared to read this far, tell me what you think! Don’t be shy, message me. I promise I don’t bite. This is not the set order of the stories, but I know for sure the first one will be the first story out. If you tell me which story you would be interested in reading, it may influence what order the stories will come out. Don’t mind if I get sidetracked, or if I write other stories before I write these. I am blonde, and short attention-spanned. Message me, rate, and befriend me. Don’t steal any ideas or anything else. The characters, plots, and events are entirely my own ideas, and I will not stand for someone who decides to copy them.

Message me if you want me to read your story, and if I like it, I might just mention it in a chapter of my own or on a page. Also message me if you might like to pre-read in order to find mistakes and such. Only a few per story, guys, and only if I trust you.
Xxx Christy
May 15th, 2011 at 10:31pm