What Gives Me My Poetry Drive

I've gotten a lot of messages, many saying how can you write this tragic stuff? I can't figure out how to!

Everything I write drives from real life, I take pieces of my life and I use those as the keys. And I just put it in drive. I've lost two great friends in my lifetime, one as a young girl from cancer, and another more recently from suicide (which is the most awful way to go that I can ever imagine)
My parents are divorced. My mom doesn't care about half of the important things in life.

There's been other things I prefer not to talk about as well.

I've had good times as well, a loving family for the most part. And I still have many friends by my side, not to mention how loyal they are.

Remember, don't do anything harsh. Don't cut if your depressed, and I can not stress enough, please do not end your life.

Take the bad things, and put them in drive. Write your story, make a beautiful poem. Everyone is loved by someone, even if they think that they are unloved. Rise above. Hang in there, you were born to be somebody <3
May 28th, 2011 at 01:16am