Editor, Maybe? New Chapter in a Few Hours!

So. Hi there! I'm on my mom's laptop instead of my own, so I am not currently finishing the next chapter, which I should be doing.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in being an editor! I don't think one is absolutely necessary, but I would love to have one and it means I won't go back and change a million things every time I get a chapter out. It will also mean less time editing for myself and more time writing for the story ;).

Summary so far:
Allie has recently moved to a new house, and she loves it. Her neighbor comes over one day and asks Allie to come babysit.
All is fine and dandy, and she goes next door to be greeted by one six-year-old, and two guys her own age. Her neighbor explains that she is there to babysit all three of them. Shocked but not being able to refuse, she settles in for an interesting night.
The youngest boy is Danny, fun-loving and short-attention-spanned. He's adorable with soft wavy/curly brown hair.
One brother is nice and friendly, and she likes him immediately, as someone she can see being friends with. This is Ryan, who is completely out-going and funny. On the taller side, with short brown hair and tiny dimples.
The other brother Jason is, plainly put, an ass. He goes out of his way to make her feel uncomfortable, and he has a short temper. He has longer, wavy dark brown hair and a characteristic smirk.
The night has been spent getting on friendly terms with Ryan, reading Dr. Suess to Danny, and avoiding Jason's obvious advances. And these are her next-door neighbors.

That's only up to chapter 4. I plan to update frequently, usually around 8 at night as many nights as I can manage. I will let you know ahead of time if I can't update that often.

I'm looking for someone who is friendly, and good at catching grammar. I try not to make mistakes, but when I type fast, they happen. I am pretty good at punctuation.

If you have any suggestions, as always, I am completely open to them. I seek to improve my writing for my own personal satisfaction, so I'm as open as possible.

I think that's it! Message me! :)
May 31st, 2011 at 04:17am