If any of you know about the Mortal Instruments movie! Can you believe that Jamie Campbell is playing Jace in the movie!

Reporters has it,that Jamie Campbell will be playing Jace,the lead charecter in the Mortal Inrtuments.Handsome constructive Jace Wayland.First it was Alex Pettyfer,now its Jamie Campbell.I mean he seems OK for the part of the role of Jace.But he has nothing replicable.I mean,he is'nt muscular,he does'nt have the hair,and not even the eye's! I think Alex Pettyfer would be good,because you could see him as Jace when you read the book's.But Jamie Campbell! I never expected him taking the role.Sure,there's nothing wrong with it,its just,the movie would have been completed if Alex took that part.But its not the directers fault! Its Alex Pettyfer's fault! The 22 yearold actor,declind the Moartal Instruments for anothe book sereis he seemed to love named "The Last Apprentice Revenge Of The Witch"wich is also a really good series.*Sigh* Oh well,we may have to deal with the fact that a really sexy movie Jace was declined and deal with the fact that another is taking his place.
*CRY* But hey,maybe Jamie Campbell would'nt be all that bad?


All who think Megan Fox would be great to play as Isabelle,raise hands.
June 17th, 2011 at 09:30am