That awkward moment when you realise you have a complicated sounding sexuality and are probably going to be forever alone.

I've pretty much figured out I'm a homoromantic pansexual-asexual.

Yeah, what. I wish I was freaking simple, seriously.

I'm emotionally attracted to women (homoromantic), I find every gender attractive (pansexual) but I have no desire to enage in sexual contact with anybody (asexual).

So I basically want a relationship with a girl who's totally cool with the fact that I want to cuddle and hold hands and do super mushy things, but I am never, ever going to want to do something intimate.

Yeah okay.

Forever alone? I think so.

Doesn't help that my entire family are homophobic shits either, who won't understand the fact I don't want to date men because I still openly find them pretty to look atand write fanfiction about. I'm just not emotionally attracted to them, or sexually interested in anybody.

My complete and utter dislike of physical contact at 18 is starting to make me look like a freak among my friends. I like to party and I like to drink and they're all pretty accepting of or involved in the queer community, but they are all also into hooking up and can't understand the fact that I just have no interest in it. At all. I never have.

Yargh. I miss just thinking I was straight and frigid.
June 17th, 2011 at 09:38pm