I'm Gonna Cry, Why Am I Still Smiling? || Family and Wedding Planning.

Alright so I have been engaged since March and I am currently watching Say Yes to the Dress. I keep wanting to cry every time it gets towards the end of the show. I want to be that beautiful woman walking down the aisle. I want to stand up to my mother and say that this is what I want for my wedding. And I don't know how. It's driving me crazy though! And it's making it worse with me watching the Big Bliss version of the show since I am a plus size girl meself.

So yeah, this is currently my life. This is a picture of me and my fiance Matt. I absolutely adore him. He's a sweet guy with a big heart and his personality wonderfully compliments my own. We're not like the same person which we both like that much more. The problem unfortunately comes with my family actually which I hate to say because I love them a lot.

Next year my brother is graduating, the youngest one. This means that my parents will be strapped for cash, something I understand. Unfortunately, the things that I want are getting shot down and I don't know how to tell them no. Matt and I had set the date for March 17. We don't even like really waiting that long. Well, my parents don't want to pull my little brother out of school during his senior year for a week and they also don't want to drive to Nebraska (which is where I want the wedding). They also think that I should have the wedding in Montana or Texas and that I'll choose Texas because "I like his family more than I like them." I hate that they make me feel this way. I wish that they would just let me make my choices.

I just...I just don't know what to anymore....
June 24th, 2011 at 11:55pm