Comment Swap?

Okay, so i'm hopelessly bored, and I want to read good stories.
I like basically anything. So, I was like, "hey why don't I do a comment swap, with other mibbians?!"

and here we are.
just give me a story of yours to read, and i'll comment on it, and then you read one of my stories.
if you don't really like slash, don't read Coffee Shop Love (even though it's not smutty. it's pretty cute/adorable...), but if you just like homosexual stories... then don't read it. And don't read Coffee & Cigarettes, which is a continuation of CSL.

if you don't wanna story comment swap, then at least have a random conversation with me, through messages.

I don't bite. :]

- Maxxie :D
June 26th, 2011 at 04:22am